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Petr Cech the Chelsea goalkeeper wears Nike football boots.

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Q: What football boots is Petr Cech wearing 2012?
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How tall is petr cech Chelsea football club goalkeeper?


Who is the best football player in the Czech Republic?

Petr Cech (Goalkeeper) ,Rosicky

Who is Chelsea football clubs goalkeeper?

Today the Chelsea goalkeeper is Petr Cech.

In what football team is Petr Cech?

He is the Chelsea and Czech Republic first choice keeper.

Who is better reina or cech?

who ask this you no reina is way better then cech

What is the birth name of Vlado Cech?

Vlado Cech's birth name is Vladimr Cech.

Who is better cech are van der sar?


Who is the best keeper between cech and valdes?


Who is likely to be signed by the Arsenal Football Club?

Latest: Petr Cech, Morgan Schneiderlin, Pedro For More:

When was Donovan Cech born?

Donovan Cech was born in 1974.

Where can you get Petr Cech's helmet?

From the Petr Cech shop in Australia

What is the three best football players in the football team Chelsea?

They have a lot of good players, having a slump in form at the minute, but, probably Petr Cech, Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba.