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Right. Left

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Q: What foot does kaka use to shoot?
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What foot does kaka kick with?

His right.

Which foot does kaka use?

Naturally right footed but most professional footballers can kick capably with both

Is it better to kick a soccer ball with a toe or side of your foot?

It depends. To dribble it is better to use the side of your foot. To shoot a goal it is better to use your toe.

Will Chelsea buy kaka?

Mourinho is planning to use kaka in a transfer chip.

Did Daniel Boome shoot a big foot?

I don't know if he shot a big foot but he definitively didn't shoot Big Foot, the creature!

What foot does Diego Maradona shoot with?

Left foot

Did kaka use to play for Manchester united?

No, Kaka has never even played for an english team... yet :)

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How do you shoot a corner kick?

with your foot...

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dont shoot your foot if you do and your friend is laughing shoot him in the dick

What number did kaka use in the word cup?

kaka played as number 10 (my soccer number) in the world cup and in my opinion he dominated. kaka is my idol! i am his number one fan! in fact i am watching the game right now!

What is kaka's riligion?

kaka is christian

How do you treat a swollen foot at home?

shoot it

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u can do kaka by going to the bathromm abd squeezing your but to kaka and then smell it

What has the author Kaka Hathrasi written?

Kaka Hathrasi has written: 'Kaka ki mehphil' 'Kaka shatak'

Can you shoot with one foot on the base line in netball?

yes my homeslice

How do you get swerve on a football?

shoot with the side of your foot idiot -.-

Is it illegal to shoot yourself in the foot?

Yes in China

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Who is faster out of kaka and ronaldo?


Who is handsome messi or kaka?

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