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The US Basketball DREAM logo uses a custom font called TS2. It was custom made for this logo and therefore may not be able to be used for personal typing and other logos.

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Q: What font is used in the US basketball DREAM team logo?
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What font is used in the US basketball team logo?

arial black

What font is California angels logo in?

The font that is used for the California Angels' logo is called Varsity font. The team has had several different logos over the course of their history.

What professional basketball team has a leprechaun as its logo?


What basketball team has a leprechaun on its logo?

boston celtics

What is the font used for the Toronto raptors logo?

The new Raptor's logo features font from the team's old jerseys. They got new ones for their 20th anniversary.

What professional basketball team has a leprechaun on its logo?

The Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association have a leprechaun for a logo. The original logo was created by Zang Auerbach.

What type of dinosaur features on the logo of the Toronto based NBA basketball team?

what type of dinosaur features on the logo of the Toronto based NBA basketball team

What sport did the US Dream Team play?

The USA dream team was the 1992 Olympic basketball team.

What is the name American Olympic basketball team?

"The Dream Team"

What is the nickname of the US Olympic basketball team?

Dream Team

Men's basketball team at the 1992 summer olympic?

Dream Team

What perfessional basketball team has a leprechaun on it's logo?

Boston celtics

What is the 1992 autographed Olympic Dream team basketball worth?

I've got a basketball signed by the entire dream team. current view is worth about $5,000.

What can be seen on the logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers has a basketball in the background, with a cavaliers sword piercing the name of the basketball team. The logo features the teams "wine and gold" colors.

What font is used in the Oklahoma state basketball jersey?

The Oklahoma state basketball team nicknamed the Cowboys wear jerseys of black and orange. The font on their jerseys is Arabic.

What was the nickname of the American mens basketball team in 1992 Olympics?

The Dream Team

What is the value of an autographed leather Dream Team basketball?

The value of an autographed leather Dream Team basketball is between $2,000-,$12,000. However, this will vary depending on its condition.

What Olympic team scored the most points ever in basketball?

1992 dream team

What font is used on the New Jersey devils website in the Jersey's team logo?

demonized and century gothic.

Is the Atlanta Braves Font trademarked?

Yes it is. The trademark is owned by Major League Baseball Properties.Actually-the logo is trademarked by MLB. You are able to use the font itself, but you cannot duplicate the team name AND font

How much is a set of the 1992 Dream Team Basketball trading cards?


What is a 1994 dream team basketball card?

Michael Jordan He played for the bulls

In the 1992 Olympics the Dream Team competed for what country and in what sport?

usa and basketball

What was the unofficial nickname given to the us man's basketball team at at the 1992 summer Olympics?

Dream Team

Who were the only Chicago Bulls to join the Olympic basketball US Dream Team in 1992?

The 1992 U.S. men's Olympic basketball "Dream Team" featured college player Christian Laettner and NBA stars.

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