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What is the font for the Cincinnati Reds logo

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'Redlegs' no joke..

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Q: What font is used by the Cincinnati Reds on their jersey in 2007?
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What font used on the detroit tiger jersey?

PERCIVAL in tiger font

What is the default font and font size for word 2007?

The default font and size for Word 2007 is Calibri on 12.

What font is used for the Pittsburgh Steelers jersey numbers?

The official font of the Pittsburgh Steelers is Gunplay. It really does look a lot alike stencil, but it is not. The Here is the website if you want to learn more. font looks a bit like a black condensed version of Univers AnswerStencil Gunplay is not the official Steelers logo font because the small 't' is squared off and should have an angled tip, it is also too wide as the official font in more condensed. The 's'es are not as curved and lazily angle down also. The font is not bold enough.Stencil is a serif face, Steelers is not.Univers Black is a closer match with the ses and t, but the letter e is too oval shaped, Condensed bold is the correct width but there is no condensed Black. It is also not stenciled.It is a custom font and it is called Steelers.Zurich Bold condensed is the overall closest match with the s, e, and t, but again it is not bold enough and not stenciled, but a condensed Zurich black is what I use and stencil it myself, although the letter e is not perfect. The letter r is not perfect either as it's end doesn't swing wide enough (tall at the end of the curve).Universe has the t, Helvetica black condensed has the s, and e and almost the r, Universe has the r just a little less flared than Helvetica Black condensed. Zurich, Helvetica, and Univers all seem to have the correct x-height .AnswerActually, the true font which looks almost exactly like the Steelers logo is called Plakette 4 SF. All of the letters are the same except for the t. If you want to get the same t as the logo only make the t Rockwell with bold formatting.

What font is used in Memphis grizzlies jersey?

The font that is used on this jersey is Futura Condensed. It was picked out by the marketing department for this group to make the name more recognizable.

What font is used for Manchester united jersey numbers?


What type of font is the Arizona Diamondbacks jersey?

Rebeldes 12