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Ali lost a 10 round decision in 1981 to Trevor Berbick. The decision was unamimous. Berbick would go on to lose his title to Tyson.

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Q: What fight was muhammed Ali's last?
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Who was Alis last fight against?

Trevor Berbick

What was muhammed alis real name?

Casious Clay

What is muhammed alis real name?

Cassius clay

What are some of muhammed alis achievements?

2 golden gloves

How old was Muhammed Ali when he had his last fight?

I think he was 40

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What is the prophet muhammed's last name?

Muhammed ibn Abdullah

Did Mike Tyson fight muhammed ali?


Who would win in a fight between muhammed ali and bob Marley?

Muhammed ali, probably.

What does alis mean?

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Which 5 boxers beat muhammed ali?

Joe Frazier (first fight) Ken Norton (first fight) Leon Spinks (first fight) Larry Holmes (Ali's penultimate fight) Trevor Berbick (Ali's last fight)

What is Laila Ali famous for?

Laila Ali is famous for her boxing also for bein an entrepreuner and doing her own thing also for being Muhammed alis daughter.

When was muhammed Ali's last fight?

Ali's last fight was December 11, 1981 against Trevor Berbick in the Bahamas. By this time, Ali was well past his prime and he had little to offer. Berbick won a unanimous 10 round decision.

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No Joe Frazier one the first but muhammed ali one the other two

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Yes, Oscar Bonavena.

Who did muhammed ali fight after he changed his name?

The rematch with Sonny Liston was his first fight after he changed his name.

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What religions believe Muhammed was the last prophet?

Islam !

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What round did Muhammed Ali knock out Sonny Liston?

Muhammed Ali knocked out the fighter Sonny Liston in the first round of the fight. This happened when he saw a chance to do so 2:05 minutes into the fight.

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in his first fight?

Muhammed Ali's first professional fight was against Tunney Hunsaker on October 29, 1960.

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