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Lynnette Woodward

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Q: What female basketball player played in the Olympics and with the Harlem Globetrotters?
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Who was the first woman basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotters?

Who was the first African American woman basketball player?The first African American female basketball player to be drafted by the NBA was Lucy Harris in 1977. She was from New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Harris was also a silver medalist from the 1976 Olympics.

What female barnstorm basketball team played double headers with the Harlem Globetrotters when Wilt Chamberlain played for the Trotters?

The Texas Cowgirls toured playing basketball against mens teams 1949-1977. Owner Dempsey Hovland. Dempsey Hovland was my father. To learn more contact me at I am the preservationist of this teams history.

Who was the first female player to play basketball in 5 Olympics?

Teresa Edwards

Which female professional basketball player is the first US basketball player ever to pay on four Olympics team?

Lisa Leslie is my assumption

What do Harlem name mean?

harlem means when you do something in a sexy wayhot way or has to do with intercous with male and female

Which basketball is bigger out of a male basketball and a female basketball?

the male basketball is bigger, a female basketball has a diameter of 28.5 inches a males is about 2 inches bigger

Who is dorothea mathews?

Dorothea Mathews is a female poet from the Harlem Renaissance.

How many medals can be wine by female swimmers at the Olympics?

Refer to "How many medals can be won by female swimmers at the olympics?"

Who is the female patron saint of basketball?

There is no male or female patron saint of basketball. The patron saint of all sports, male and female, is St. Sebastian.

Who is the first female gymnast to score a 10.0 in the Olympics?

The first female gymnast to score a 10.0 in the Olympics was Nadia Comaneci of Romania.

A female basketball player name?

Maya Moore is one of the best female basketball players for the collegiate level right now

Who was the first American female basketball player?

~My assumption is Missouri Arledge. Missouri Arledge is the first American female basketball player.~