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The Arc de Triomphe

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Q: What famous structure do the cyclists in tour de france pass in paris?
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What is the most famous structure in Paris France?

the Eiffel tower.

Famous place starts with g and e?

The Eiffel Tower is a famous structure in Paris, France. The Great Wall of China is a famous structure.

What famous structure stands in France?

The Eiffel tower is one of the most iconic and recognizable structures worldwide and stands in Paris, France.

What countries most famous street is the Champs Elysees?

Paris, France. Paris, France.

What is a famous city in France?


What is France mostly famous for?

for its eifel tower in paris, france

What is the most famous city in France?

Paris is the most famous town in France, and its capital city.

3 famous landmarks in France?

The Eiffel Tower ,Paris, and France

Are noodles a famous food in Paris France?

noodles are not specially famous in France, but a very common food.

Which country is famous for fashion?

Paris, France

What is a famous Paris places?

Snails are very popular in Paris and France in general.

Does France have a famous theme park?

Its famous for Euro Disney in Paris :)(:

What is Frances most famous city?

France's most famous city is Paris! Unless you dont like scenery... Paris

What is the famous iron structure in Paris?

Eiffel Tower

What famous people live in Paris France?

will smith

What are the most famous town in France?

I think Paris is.

What is the famous art museum in France?

The Louvre in Paris.

What are some things that France have that r famous?


What is the name of a famous hotel in france?

The Ritz in Paris

Famous cycling races based in france?

Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix are two famous French races.

What is a famous landforms in Paris France?

Eiffeltower,Notredame Castle, And the greatest one of all Paris.

What are some famous places in France?

Many famous Wineries near the Paris area.

What is a famous museum in Paris?

the Louvre is the most famous and biggest art museum in France.

What is the most famous writer in Paris France?

Victor Hugo

What is the champs e'lyse?

The name of a famous street in Paris France