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There were many famous Basketball players who wore number 12. Some of those players were Toby Bailey, Jim Barnes, John Barnhill, Drew Barry, and Josh Powell.

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Q: What famous players wore number 12?
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What famous basketball players wore number 12?

John Stockton

Who were some famous baseball players that wore number 12?

Robbie Alomar

What famous sports stars wore number 12?

Hall of Fame football players Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, and Joe Namath wore #12.

What Duke University men's basketball players wore number 12?

Gerald Henderson wore number 12

What famous baseball players wore number 12?

Robbie Alomar (probably the best second baseman ever)

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 12?

12 is a rather inauspicious number, but lets see. Phil Neville wore it, and Eric Cantona wore it when he first joined Manchester United. If i am not mistaken, Thierry Henry wears it when he plays for France

Which nba players wore number 12?


What baseball players wore number 12?

Alfonso Soriano

What famous hockey players wore number 12?

Dickie Moore, Yvan Cournoyer, Sid Abel, Jarome Iginla, Adam Oates, Adam Graves

What Miami Dolphins players wore number 12?

Bob Griese.

What phillies players wore number 12?

My left nut BeaaCH

What are the names of the New York Yankees players that wore number 12?

Click on the 'Yankees Numbers' link on this page to see all Yankees who wore #12.

Who wore number 12 for the New York Yankees?

Click on the link below to see all the players that wore #12 for the Yankees.

What players wore the number 12 for the Houston oilers?

QB Charley Johnson in 1970 and 1971.

What famous soccer players wear number 12?


What players wore number 12 for the Oakland Raiders?

Ken Stabler, Billy Joe Hobert, McCown

Who wore number 12 for the Toronto Maple Leaves?

Many players wore the number 12 in the Toronto Maple Leafs line. However, the most recent player wearing the number 12 is Tim Connolly. Tim Connolly is the starting center for the Toronto Maple Leafs on their first line.

What famous baseball player wore number 12?

Robbie Alomar Alfonso Soriano

What pro football players wore jersey number 12?

Tarry Bradshaw Tom Brady Aron Rogers

What MLB player named Dave wore 12?

I can think of two players: David Freese of the Cardinals and Davey Lopes of the Cubs The famous players with the number 12 are Wade Boggs and Roberto Alomar (who both had their numbers retired by teams), Jose Mendez (the first picture of a uniform number), Jeff Kent, Alfonso Soriano, Billy Martin, Roger Clemens, and Edgar Alfonzo

What famous baseball stars wore number's 12?

maliek green,pablo sandoval,freddy sanchez

What famous players have worn number 12 in university of Alabama football?

Joe Namath

Did any famous soccer players wear the number 12?

Hulk (FC Porto)

Who wears number 12 in English football?

It used to be the substitute number when teams were only allowed to use 1 sub. Outfield players wore numbers 1-11 and sub wore 12. When more than 1 substitute started being used in the game it became just another squad number.

Who were the most famous baseball players to wear number 12?

Alfonso Soriano and Jackie Robinson.