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Q: What famous players have worn the 79 jersey?
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What two Bengal players wore jersey number 79?

The Bengals have had 9 Players wear #79 the two most famous are probably Coy Bacon and ROss Browner

Who worn number 79 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?


Who wore steeler jersey number 79?

stautner and hom

Famous football players who wore number 79?

Jacob Green from the Seahawks and Ron Mcdole who played for the Cardinals, Bills, Oilers, and Redskins (both defensive ends)

How many players have scored on their Liverpool FC debut?


Who wore jersey number 78 in the Detroit Lions team?

The two most noteworthy players to have worn number 78 for the Detroit Lions were defensive end Darris McCord (1955-67) and defensive tackle Doug English (1975-79, 1981-85). More recently, defensive lineman Cory Redding sported number 78 for the Lions from 2003-08.

What jersey numbers do defensive players wear?

A cornerback wears 20-49 A defensive lineman can wear 50-79 and 90-99 A linebacker can wear 50-59 and 90-99

What players wore number 79 for the New York Giants?

guy whimper

How many eruptions has Mount Vesuvius had?

79 eruptions the most famous one August 24 A.D.79 . :)

Who wears number 69 in the NFL?

Numbers 60 - 79 are worn by tackles, guards and defensive linemen

When was mount vesuvius most famous eruption?

79 a.D

When was the most famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius?

79 AD

How much would Phil Niekro's last game worn jersey be worth?

A Phil Niekro Game worn jersey in general could sell in the $1,000. -$3,000. price range if accompanied by the proper paperwork and provenance. The absence of acceptable documentation linking the jersey to Phil Niekro will bring a much lower price, and will have to be identified by the proper tagging, and company shipping records. The jersey would need to be authenticated by a reputable company like MEARS. The quality of provenance accompanying the game used Jersey will dictate the bulk of the value. Provenance is the documentation of the history of ownership of a particular item. It allows the buyer to secure additional insight as to the origin or chain of custody of the item. the provenance must come from a verifiable source. For example, a letter that comes from a source like a player, team executive, family member could have great impact while jerseys that originate from a particular collection or comes with letters from a spectator may not be given much weight, if any. The last jersey Phil Niekro wore during his last game would have significant historic value, and sell for more money, but will have to be accompanied by strong documentation tracing the chain of custody from Phil Niekro to the present owner. Even if the jersey has all the proper tagging, and characteristics, without the proper provenance it would just be a game worn jersey. In a 2007 auction a 1979 Phil Niekro Game-Worn Braves Road Jersey sold for $3,172. The jersey had a Wilson ('79-85 era) size 44 label with a '79 year swatch in the tail.

What players on the New York Islanders wore the number 79?

Alexei Yashin from 2001 to 2007

When was the most famous eruption of vesuvius?

79 AD This was the year of the most famous eruption in Pompeii

What famous volcano erupted in Italy in the year 79 AD?

Mount Vesuvius was famous for erupting in 79 AD destroying the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Please see the related links.

What causes weak spark and hot ignition wires on a 79 ford e-150?

wires are worn and need replacing

Would John Lennon have been famous if he was living today?

Of course, The beatles are world famous.

A famous volcano?

I think the most famous volcano has to be Vesuvius, which erupted 79 A.D, and destroyed Herculaneum, Pompeii and Stabiae.

Pompeii was buried in 79 ad by the eruption of this famous volcano?

Mt. Vesuvius

What is the name of the famous Italian volcano which erupted in AD 79?

Mount Vesuvius

What was Wally Kleine's jersey number while at Notre Dame?

Wally's number at Notre Dame was 96 and at Washington it was 79

Who are all players to have worn number 12 for Dallas Cowboys?

Only three men have worn #12 for the Cowboys: John Roach (QB 1964) Ron Widby (P 68-71) also wore #10 Roger Staubach (QB 1969-79) No one has worn #12 since Roger retired -- Dallas Cowboy Books Blog

Which players have worn number 88 for the Kansas City Chiefs?

The most famous player to have worn number 88 for the Kansas City Chiefs was all-world tight end Tony Gonzalez, who donned the number for twelve seasons (1997-2008). Other noteworthy players who've sported number 88 for the Chiefs include All-Pro wide receiver Chris Burford (1960-67 including years with Dallas Texans), 6' 10" tight end Morris Stroud (1969-74), tight end Walter White (1975-79), Pro Bowl wide receiver Carlos Carson (1980-89), and wide receiver J.J. Birden (1990-94).

What are the release dates for Bozo The World's Most Famous Clown - 1958 Paleface Chase 2-79?

Bozo The World's Most Famous Clown - 1958 Paleface Chase 2-79 was released on: USA: 1959