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Homer Norton

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Homer Norton

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Q: What famous college football coach was letterman in 4 sports during his college years and whose overall coaching record was 142-72-18 from Texas?
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What sport is Holtz well known for?

Lou Holtz is known for his coaching of numerous college and professional football teams. His coaching career lasted 25 years including appearances in 6 college bowl games. He was admitted to the coaching hall of fame in 2008.

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His first head coaching job was with the Tampa Bay Bandits of the United States Football League from 1983-1985. His first college head coaching job was with Duke starting in 1987.

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Bill had many assistant coaching jobs in college football... Hastings College in Nebraska, Wichita State (where he played linebacker in his college career), Army, Florida State, Vanderbilt and Texas Tech. In 1978 Bill Parcells got his first and only college head-coaching job with Air Force.

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No. His first coaching job was in the World Football League as linebacker coach for the Portland Storm in 1974 and from there went to the New York Giants in 1975 as linebacker coach.

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