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Q: What famous basketball players college or pro have worn the number 14?
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What College Basketball Players wore the number 0?

Brian Shorter for Pitt

What famous basketball players wore number 13?

There have been numerous basketball players to wear the number 13 jersey. The most famous person was Wilt Chamberlain. Other players were Maurice Ager, Corey Brewer, and Luigi Datome.

What famous basketball players wore number 22?

Diontea Forrest

What is the average number of players per college basketball team?

5 players on the floor and up to 12 on the team in college. 15 on the roster in the NBA but only 12 can dress for a game.

Who were some famous basketball players with the number thirty-four?

Shaq O' Neal (w/ the Lakers) Charles Barkley

The number of basketball players playing on the USA basketball team?


Number of basketball players on team?

there are 5

Which basketball players have worn jersey number 9?

usually basketball players use number 0-5 so that refs can signal their number when calling fouls..

Which famous basketball player wears number 11?

John Wall When He Was Played For College At University Of Kentucky in Lexington , Kentucky .

What famous basketball players wore number 3?

Allen iverson chris paul Tracy mcgrady trevor ariza dwyane wade

What is the numbers of players on a basketball lteam?

the smallest number of players on a basketball team is five. Two fowards,center, and a guard.

What is a roster in basketball?

A list of the players with name and number.