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What famous athletes wore number 36?

Rasheed Wallace is one athlete, whilst with the Detroit Pistons after he initially wore 30.

Which athletes wore the number 36 in the NFL?

Brian Westbrook is one of them. Jerome Bettis was another.

What famous athletes have worn number 16?

the one and only.. JOE MONTANA

Who was a famous soccer player wears or wore the 3?

One famous player who wore the famous number 3 jersey was Paulo Maldini , of Italy and A.C. Milan.

What are famous athletes with the number 66?

There is only one athlete worthy of this number and his name is Mario Lemieux.

What famous baseball players wore number 16?

Whitey Ford, for one.

What famous basketball players wore number 20?

ray Allen is one!

Who are the most famous basketball players who wore number 11?

isiah thomas is one of them

What famous nfl players wore the number 25?

Jamal Charles to name one

Who are some famous athletes that wore number 14?

Well, some famous athletes are, Mia Hamm, Tyler Forrester, Nick Vagina, (sorry about that last one, that one was real he just had a funny last name), Michael Jordin, Hermann Goering, Pam Beasley, Jim Halbert, Gibby Swart, And, Finally,Libby Peen That's almost all of 'em so bye

What top 5 athletes wore number 5?

I can say that one of the best is Brooks Robinson,retired 3 rd baseman for the Baltimore Orioles.

What famous basketball players wore number 25?

Robert Horry is one. He played for the Houston Rockets.

What famous sports stars wore number 131?

no one except for motocross, numbers stop at 99

What famous football player wore number 62?

Jim Langer wore number 62 for the Miami dolphins between 1970-1979 and he played for the vikings for one season and he was inducted into the hall of fame in 1987

Who was one of the famous female athletes in the 1930s?

Helen Keller

Who were some famous North Carolina athletes?

one of many famouse athletes in North Carolina is Michael Jordan.

Which famous sports stars wore number 48?

48 is the car number in NASCAR Nextel Cup series of Jimmie Johnson. If that helps there is atleast one.

What famous athletes play in Spain?

Fernando Alonso. He was the most famous Formula One Driver

What are two famous athletes from Canada?

Well one famous Canadian could be Larry Walker

Who are some famous Australian Catholic athletes?

One of them is Mathew Hayden, he is a famous cricket player!

What nba players ever wore number 10?

one of the most famous point guards who wear it now is mike bibby

What famous nfl football players wore number 81?

randy moss, aaron hernandez

What famous sports stars wore number 46?

One of the most famous sports persons to wear the number 46, is Valentino Rossi, World Moto GP Champion. (Motorbike Road Racing Sport)

What famous athletes were born in Ohio?

lebron James on one lebron James on one

Who wore number 84 on the 1985 Philadelphia Eagles?

No one wore number 84 for the 1985 Philadelphia Eagles.