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Anna Pavlova

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Q: What famous Russian ballroom dancer named a desert?
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Which desert is named after a famous Russian ballet dancer?


What desert was named after a famous Russian ballet dancer?

Pavlova - a dish of meringue, cream and fruit - was named after Anna Pavlova.

How did the professional ballroom dancer Len Goodman get famous?

Famed ballroom dancer Len Goodman is most famous in North America for his role as judge on the television show Dancing with the Stars. Goodman's career has spanned nearly five decades and he remains an active dancer.

What was mikhail baryshnikov famous for?

Russian American dancer

What is Russian most famous desert?


What does Dutch in transformers 3 say when he is trying to speak Russian?

"Baryshnikov." The name of a famous Russian dancer.

What is the name of famous Russian ballet dancer with initials RNN?

Rudolph nureyev

What is Chelsie Hightower famous for?

Chelsie Hightower is a professional ballroom dancer. She is most famous for her dance and choreography on Dancing With the Stars. Her fans were disappointed that she wasn't on the show this season.

What is Brendan Cole famous for?

Brendan Cole is famous for appearing on the BBC show known as Strictly Come Dancing. Brendan Cole is also famous for being a ballroom dancer that specializes in Latin American dancing.

A name of a famous ballet dancers today?

Polina Semionova - she is a beautiful Russian dancer and prima ballerina.

Why is pavlova special?

Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert created for and named after the famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova.

What dessert was named after a famous Russian ballet dancer?

Named after Anna Pavlova, the pavlova is dish of meringue, cream and fruit.

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