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the kardashians

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Q: What family has had the most professional sports players?
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Do most high school sports players rely on sports to get a career?

No. The vast majority of high school sports players will not have a career in professional sports.

How much do professional sports players get paid per year?

Well it depends what sport you are talking about. Most professional sports players get paid between 1million and 2millions dollars per year.

What professional sports association has the most members?

The NFL has way more members(by that you mean players) than any other sport.

Is there an amount of players you can have as a sports agent?

No, there is no amount of players you can have as a sports agent. The more you have, the harder it is to keep up with all their affairs. Usually, most sports agents have 1 to 3 sports players they are representing.

What sports do players get paid to play in the army?

In most Professional sports like rugby, football, basketball, tennis the players get paid And in some cases A LOT!

What are the three most popular professional sports in the US?

The most popular sports in the us are football baseball and basketball.

Who are the most famous sports players from Bolivia?

edin dzeko

Who were college roommates and most valuable players in their sports?

Give me the answer

What is the most straight championships by a professional sports team?

the soccerroos

Most professional sports played by 1 athlete?


What item is most bought in professional sports?

Sunflower seeds

What do sports player eat?

most sports players specifically pro swimmers eat a lot of carbohydrates