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Bungee jumping

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the one where you don't dive

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Q: What extreme sport statistically the least dangerous?
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Which extreme sport is statistically the least dangerous?

Bungee jumping

What sport is the least dangerous statistically?

Golf All you do is bring a club back, turn your hips, and hit the ball.

Which extreme sport is statiscally the least dangerous?

What are the least dangerous extreme sports? The World's Best Safe Extreme Sports Indoor Skiing – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Safe Surfing (Flowriding) – Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Safe Racing Cars – USA. Rock Climbing – Reno, Nevada. Indoor Skydiving (Bodyflight) – Las Vegas, Nevada. Pool Scuba Diving – Montegrotto Terme, Italy.

Which extreme sport is statiscally the most dangerous?

BASE jumping 😄apex

How dangerous is f1?

Formula 1 is the extreme and dangerous sport. Formula 1 racers are playing a life and death game, which connot be called a sport.