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Q: Is baseball an extreme sport
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Which extreme sport is statiscally the least dangerous?

baseball is least dangerous sport

What makes a sport an extreme sport?

it has to be out of the ordinary, an extreme sport can be anything that can put your own life at risk such as mountain biking or paintball, what makes an extreme sport is the intensity that you feel while engaging in the activity. Alpine skiing is another extreme sport.

What is more popular skateboarding or baseball?

Baseball. It's Americas sport although skateboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports

Why is snowboarding counted as an extreme sport?

Yes, snowboarding is considered an extreme sport.

Is basketball an extreme sport?

yes it is i found it on 7 lists basketball is an extreme sport

What does the x stand for in xs on cars?

XS is extreme sport or SX is sport extreme. same thing

Is indoor rock climbing an extreme sport?

Indoor rock climbing is not a extreme sport. Outdoor rock climbing is

Is extreme couching a sport?

Yes Extreme Couching is a sport. It is simply a competition between people that who can stay on the couch longer.

How do you say extreme sport in french?

un sport extrême

Is figure skating an extreme sport?

Yes, well its practically an extreme sport because its in the Olympics. Extreme sports are high in action, adventure and danger. The sense of fear and excitement gets the adrenalin going. So many would disagree that figure skating is an extreme sport.

What else is an extreme sport called?

h i

What is the best extreme sport?

either bmx or FMX is the best sport

When and how did Skateboarding become an extreme sport today?

Skateboarding became a extreme sport today by what people did with the sport back when they invented it. The most extreme way of skateboarding is by vert skating. Which by the most part is showed the most by Tony Hawk, a professional vert skater. ----

What is the most extreme sport?


Is skateboarding an extreme sport?


Is Top Gear an extreme sport?

No it is not.

Is surfboarding an extreme sport?


Is sailing a extreme sport?

Yes it is.

What is your favorite extreme sport?


Is paintball the biggest sport in the world?

It is the third biggest extreme sport in the world.

Is parachuting an extreme sport?

the way i see it is that if parachuting is an extreme sport that they would announce it on the radio or tv so your answer is no it is not i've went before though its fun

Why is parkour classified as an extreme sport?

Parkour is classified as a extreme sport because of the skill and energy /stamina required and some techniques are quite dangerous if not executed properly.

What extreme sport starts with the letter A?


Which extreme sport is surprisingly safe?


What is the most extreme sport in the world?