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Go to school/college. (:

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Q: What examples are there of ways in which people participate in sport?
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What ways do people participate in sport?

You canparticipate in sport by becoming a manager, a player, a umpire, referee or participant

What ways do people participate in the political life of a nation?

In democratic nations, there are many ways in which citizens participate in a nation's government. Here are examples:1. Voting 2. Joining political parties 3. Making contributions to candidates 4. Becoming a candidate for political office and 5. Serving on juries.These are only a sample of ways.

What is one of the main ways people participate in politics?

they give money to a campaign

What three main ways did people participate in the second great awakening?

You tell me.

What are two ways citizens can participate in community service?

In the United States, two examples are jury duty and cleaning public highways.

What are ways citizens can participate in the government of israel?

can citizens in Israel participate in government

Can citizens participate in government budget process?

What are three ways to participate in government?

3 ways that people can legally participate in their government?

paying taxes voting going to council meetings

How do people participate in figure skating?

There are a lot of ways to participate in figure skating! For one, you could find a rink near you, and skate there on open skate days. You could also take lessons, or join a team and participate.

What are three ways that Americans can participate in their democracy?

There are three ways in which US Citizens can participate in democracy. They can contact their representatives, vote, or run for office.

What is one of the main ways that citizens can participate in a democratic government?

Voting and public service are both ways to participate in a democratic form of government.

What are the ways a citizen can participate in Congressional committees?

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How can people change a political system What are examples of these ways What are examples of ways Patriots tried to change the British political system?

they stood up to the british at the battle of lexington

In what ways does democracy encourage people to participate in bringing changes?

Participation skill ranges from complete in activity to a full activity

What are two ways you can partcipate in democracy?

what are two ways that americans can participate in thier democracy

What are 2 ways Americans can participate in their democracy?

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What three ways can citizen participate in the government?


What are two ways to participate in democracy?

Two ways to participate in a democracy are to vote and to send a letter to a Congressman about complaints with a law or about a bill that might be passed. Another way to participate in a democracy is to attend a caucus for a particular political party.

In what ways can citizens participate in the election process?

They can participate in the election process by passing the test or being born in the u.s.

What three ways a person can actively participate in a democracy?

be awmose

What are two ways to participate in government?


How can you participate in animal cruelty campaigns?

get connected! See for more detailed ways and events you can participate in to help animals!

What are some examples of suffix -ways?


Why do you celebrate sports day?

Sports day(s) are mainly to encourage people to be active and participate in sports, this being one of the ways to stay healthy.

What are ways that Americans can participate in their democracy?

referendum ,elections, voting, and resistance