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A clay pigeon thrower is a launcher that holds clay pigeons. When the launcher is cranked back and released, it released the pigeon, sending it airborne.

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Q: What exactly is a clay pigeon thrower?
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Does anyone know what a clay pigeon thrower is?

A clay pigeon thrower is a machine that is used for the purpose of target practice. The clay pigeon thrower comes in three different types which are the hand held, a manual thrower and an automatic clay pigeon thrower.

Where can I buy a clay pigeon thrower?

You can buy a clay pigeon thrower at amazon. com. They sell it for a good price and they will deliver it where ever you are in the world. You can have it as soon as you want.

What is a clay pigeon exactly?

A clay pigeon is a small clay disk that is thrown manually or with a automatic thrower to be used as a moving target. They do not resemble an actual pigeon in anyway other than they fly threw the air, resembling a flying target.

What is the name for the device for projecting clay pigeons into the air?

Clay pigeon thrower. But there could be other names for the device...

What is the duration of The Clay Pigeon?

The duration of The Clay Pigeon is 1.05 hours.

When was The Clay Pigeon created?

The Clay Pigeon was created on 1949-06-29.

What is a chamberlin cartridge and target co clay pigeon sling called the expert worth?

I have a expert 4 thrower patented MCH 1 1892 what's it worth?

When was Clay Pigeon Shooting Association created?

Clay Pigeon Shooting Association was created in 1928.

Where can you go clay pigeon shooting?

To go clay pigeon shooting you can go to a Clay Pigeon Shooting grounds in London. Also College Farm Shooting Ground offers a high quality first class clay pigeon shooting experience in Buckinghamshire countryside setting.

Which is best clay pigeon shooting trainer in UK?

World sporting provides best clay pigeon shooting in UK

Clay Pigeon Throwers?

If you enjoy shooting sports, a clay pigeon thrower is an investment you should make. There are many different styles, but here are a few that you can consider.Stationary Clay ThrowersIf you are serious about your clay birds, investing in a stationary thrower is not a bad idea. Some models stick into the ground with spikes, but they come up after a few throws and must be repositioned.Some models you can sit on and throw birds, but the seat is small and not comfortable for larger people. You can invest in an electric model, but these get into the thousands of dollars and are quite an investment.Your best bet is a hand thrower.Manual Clay Pigeon Thrower - With modificationsStationary clay throwers, unless you invest lots of money, only throw clays in a single direction. A cheap hand thrower is the best one to have. You do have to modify it just a bit, but it is not expensive.Making shooting clays interesting - Modified hand throwersTo make a modified hand thrower, you will need a few inexpensive items. A broken golf club works well, but a six foot piece of plastic PVC pipe in one inch diameter works best. Place your hand thrower in the end of the pipe and tape it down with lots of duct tape. If you are exceptionally handy, screwing the hand thrower in place and securing it with nuts and bolts is an idea also.Throwing clays - mimicking real birdsIt will take some practice to time your release with your new thrower. Once you have mastered the throw, experiment. A few flicks of the wrist at the right time will turn your clay sharply left or right. You can throw the clay low and fast, lob it high in the air, or even have the clay curve sharply.

Was there pigeon shooting in the olympics?

Yes, there was pigeon shooting in 1900 but after 1900 they used clay targets.

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