What exactly is a Ping Rapture?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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A Ping Rapture is a very useful tool for many people who like to Golf. A Ping Rapture is a type of golf club. This golf club is commonly used for golfing. The Ping Rapture is very hard to control so it should not be used by beginners.

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Q: What exactly is a Ping Rapture?
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The Ping Rapture V2 is probably the most forgiving driver on the market. But the Callaway Diablo wouldn't be far off it.

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If you are referring to the early radical shape of Ping clubs unfortunately there are very few clubs which are styled in this way no, they all now have a similar uniform shape. If you are referring to current range of Ping clubs you would be looking at something like Ping i10 or G10 or Rapture v2. You can still buy older Ping clubs as they are well known for holding their quality, playing ability and value.

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The easiest Ping irons to hit are the Rapture V2's, these are known as super game improvement irons. Although, the G15s are very easy to hit, and even the I15s are easy to hit and also very workable which the better player would look for.

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