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most awards

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Q: What event was Jesse Owens most known for?
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Who did Jesse Owens fear the most?


Who are the most famous athletes?

Jesse Owens usain bolt

Who won the most medals at last Olympics?

Jesse Owens

Who is the most famous olympian?

Jesse Owens or Michael Phelps.

Who was in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin?

The most famous person was Jesse Owens.

How did Jesse Owens change the Olympics?

He was the first black athlete to win the most medals

What is the most important thing that happened to Jesse Owens?

he won gold in the 1936 Olympics

What was Jesse Owens most significant accomplishment?

Winning 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games.

Who was the most outstanding athlete in the 1936 Olympics?

The most outstanding athlete in the 1936 Olympics was Jesse Owens , with four gold medals.

African American athlete to win the most medals in the 1936 olympics?

Jesse Owens born James Cleveland

What did Jesse Owens do to embarrass Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

Because Hitler wanted just a race of Arians, but Jesse Owens comes along and destroys that by winning 4 gold medals but the Germans still got the most medals and also one of Hitlers' friends betrayed him but becoming friends with Jesse.

Why was Jesse Owens victory at the 1936 Berlin Olympics so significant?

Because he proved to the world, or most importantly, Hitler, that it wasn't just the Aryan race that was great. Hitler thought that no one could be better than his people and wanted to prove this by holding the Olympics in his country! Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals at the Olympics (100m and 200m sprint, long jump and 400m relay). This embarrassed Hitler so much so that he was absent for the medal giving to Jesse Owens even when he was there for his countries wins. Hitler was proved wrong on that day, his Aryan race wasn't the best at everything! I hope this helps :P

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