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The 3000 meter steeplechase.

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Q: What event is usually 3000 meters long and has barriers and water jumps?
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How many jumps does it take to get a skydiving license?

usually 7-8 jumps

Horse jumps racing start?

the season for the jumps starts usually round november.

How high are the jumps in the 2012 team show jumping competition?

The jumps range in height from 1.40 meters to 1.60 meters. ( 4 feet 7 1/8 inches to 5 feet 3inches)

What is the hardest running race?

i would have to say it is the is a 3000 meter race, in which you have clear 28 ordinary barriers, and 7 water jumps

What type of jumps are usually performed in a figure skating competition?

The type of jumps usually performed in a figure skating competition is Toe loop, Salchow, Loop, Flip, Lutz and Axel. Salchow, Loop and Axel are called edge jumps, the other 3 are called toe jumps.

How many jumps of 1 centimeters do you have to make if you jump from 0 to 0.50 meters?

At least 50.

What do you say when a girl jumps in your face?

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There is a frog in a 30 foot well The frog jumps up 3 meters each day but slides back 2 meters each?

28 days..

Is high jump is a Olympic game?

There are a few rules for the Olympic long jump. Athletes' shoes can have a sole thickness no more than 13mm. Their runway is 40 meters long and they must take off from the front edge of the 20 centimeter wide takeoff board. Jumpers get three jumps each round, with the top 8 jumps moving on until the winner is decided in the final round.

Where can one go to learn dirt bike jumps?

Dirt bike jumps is a type of sport categorized a motor sports. there are several different types of jumps involved in dirk bike jumping. Usually people learn the different jumps and moves from on hands experience at a local dirt track built for motorcycles only.

Who jumps the farthest boys or girls?

depends on weight, strength and size. boys usually jump further because they usually have longer legs and more strength (USUALLY).

How fast a tree frog jump?

frogs can jump 2 meters or more. The highest recorded frog jump was 7 meters!10 feet