What event in a Decathlon?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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100m 400m 1,500m runs 110m hurdles discus javelin shot put pole vault high jump long jump

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Q: What event in a Decathlon?
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How many event are olone in decathlon?

how many event make up a decathlon

What is a 10 event athletics contest?

A decathlon :)

What is a tenth of a decathlon?

A monoathlon or an 'event'.

How many event's are there in a decathlon?


What is the tenth event in a decathlon?


What is the final throwing event in the decathlon?

Javelin, which is the 9th of the 10 events performed in a decathlon.

How many event throwing event are there in decathlon?

3 events.

What is the meaning of decathlon?

Deca = latin prefix for 10. A Decathlon is an sporting event with 10 components.

What is last activity of decathlon?

The last event in a track and field decathlon is the 1500 meter run.

Which throwing event is not included in the decathlon?


What is men ten event competition?


What is ten event competition for women?