What equipments are used in netball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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If you want to play a proper game of Netball, there are some pieces of equipmet that you should use and some that aren't that important.

Equipment that you should use:

A bouncy rubber netball ball, two nets on a two poles, different bibs to mark out who is on which of the two teams and their role in the game (eg: GA or WD), something to tell the time, a netball court (indoors or outdoors) which has markings on the ground showing where the circles and thirds of the court are, and (not exactly equipment but...) some people to play the game (14 people on the court with seven people on each team and maybe some substitutes)!

Equipment or other things that aren't necassary but might be useful:

A coach with a whistle, and some more (that I can't think of).

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Equipment/materials required for a professional match of netball are:

  • 3.05metre high netball post, with padding
  • Netball, size 5
  • Two teams of seven, preferably with subs (although teams can play without the two wings, making it 5 players)
  • Uniforms for teams, usually dress or shirt and skirt
  • Umpires are always good!
  • Bibs to show the playing position of each person
  • Timer
  • Scorecards

There may be more things, but that is all I can think of off the top of my head

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Q: What equipments are used in netball?
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