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Helmets, elbow pads, knee braces, gloves

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Q: What equipment you should wear when you play volleyball?
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What are the materials in order to play volleyball?

You should wear confortable clothinq . Like shorts and a tank top . Knee pads ; of course a volleyball ; and a 6 foot net .

What safety equipment does a volleyball player wear?

All you really need is kneepads and a good uniform!

Is volleyball like beach ball?

Beach volleyball is less painful then volleyball. In beach volleyball you dig into sand instead of a gym floor. Beach volleyball is hotter and you wear short shorts and a short but tight top. Most people wear sunglasses and you can play bearfooted. In volleyball they wear a jersey and short shorts. They wear tennis shoes also.

Do men and women use the same volleyball equipment?

Men and women use the same volleyball equipment like the nets and the poles however if you are talking about gear lots of guys do not wear knee pads and the height for the net is different and sometimes in club volleyball the balls are different weights.

What should you wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

Should you wear gloves around powered rotating equipment?

no you should never wear them

What type of clothing should you wear when you play indoor volleyball?

Shorts and a t-shirt for recreation But if you're playing for a high school team most girls wear spandex spanks and t-shirts.

What to wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

What is the materials and equipment of volleyball?

Hair up! (so annoying when ppl wear it down!), t-shirt/jersey, spandex/gym shorts, kneepads, socks, ankle braces, and volleyball shoes.

Do you wear underwear with volleyball spandex?

yes and no yes you could wear thongs and no the less you wear the faster you move but you should wear underwear /boxers

Would it be a good idea to wear basketball shoes to play volleyball?

yes it would be a good idea because it also has grip like volleyball shoes

What should you wear when handling hydrochloric acid?

You should definitely wear gloves, but there is also different safety equipment you can wear.

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