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Helmets, elbow pads, knee braces, gloves

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Q: What equipment you should wear when you play volleyball?
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What are the materials in order to play volleyball?

You should wear confortable clothinq . Like shorts and a tank top . Knee pads ; of course a volleyball ; and a 6 foot net .

Is volleyball like beach ball?

Beach volleyball is less painful then volleyball. In beach volleyball you dig into sand instead of a gym floor. Beach volleyball is hotter and you wear short shorts and a short but tight top. Most people wear sunglasses and you can play bearfooted. In volleyball they wear a jersey and short shorts. They wear tennis shoes also.

What safety equipment does a volleyball player wear?

All you really need is kneepads and a good uniform!

Do men and women use the same volleyball equipment?

Men and women use the same volleyball equipment like the nets and the poles however if you are talking about gear lots of guys do not wear knee pads and the height for the net is different and sometimes in club volleyball the balls are different weights.

What is the materials and equipment of volleyball?

Hair up! (so annoying when ppl wear it down!), t-shirt/jersey, spandex/gym shorts, kneepads, socks, ankle braces, and volleyball shoes.

Should you wear gloves around powered rotating equipment?

no you should never wear them

What type of clothing should you wear when you play indoor volleyball?

Shorts and a t-shirt for recreation But if you're playing for a high school team most girls wear spandex spanks and t-shirts.

Do you wear underwear with volleyball spandex?

yes and no yes you could wear thongs and no the less you wear the faster you move but you should wear underwear /boxers

Would it be a good idea to wear basketball shoes to play volleyball?

yes it would be a good idea because it also has grip like volleyball shoes

What should you wear when handling hydrochloric acid?

You should definitely wear gloves, but there is also different safety equipment you can wear.

What should you wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

Can you wear gloves in volleyball?

yes you can wear gloves for volleyball cause ur hand will turn reder if u dont wear gloves

What do you need to play beach volleyball?

Beach, Volleyball and a Net Women can play in what ever floats their boat it they don't have to wear bikinis because some people aren't comfy in that sort of stuff i the person before suggested women wear bikinis but that's just his op pinion

What is the safest way to play volleyball?

Many indoor volleyball players wear kneepads to protect knees when they hit the floor to dig a ball. Professional indoor players will also wear ankle braces to prevent spraining. A frequent injury in volleyball occurs when two players jump up at the net and one twists his or her ankle when landing on the other players' foot. Of course, players should wear loose clothing and no jewelry. Assess players' experience before starting a game.

You should NOT wear glove around powered rotating equipment.?


What do you wear when you play team sports?

you wear the normal equipment for the sport butt you'd have to wear the team Jersey and team colours

Why do you have to wear kneepads in volleyball?

you have to wear kneepads when you are playing volleyball because the pads protect your knee from breaking and busting when a hard serve is served. The kneepads have a soft little pillow in all kneepads to keep from hurting your knee so you can't play any sports.

What to wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

Facts about volleyball equipment?

Volleyball equipment will comprise of the basics such as the net, the ball and probably a pair of shoes. The equipment then becomes increasingly competitive. However, this other pieces of equipment will depend on the amount of money that one is willing to spend on their acquisition. There are quite a number of objects that are utilized during volley ball training though they may not necessarily be basic requirements. Volleyball that is played indoors mainly has poles that are made of steel. These poles are adjustable to the nets size. The net is positioned between the two poles. Sticks are evident on the sides that provide markings for the net. If the ball goes beyond the pole, then the point is lost. Other pieces of volleyball equipment will include those that are worn by the participants. Such items are inclusive of the knee caps, shoes, ankle sports, shorts and t shirts. Each item is made in order to simplify the process of playing the game. Similar to any other form of sports equipment, volleyball equipment has been well researched. The shoes are light and designed to have adequate grip that offer protection against falls. These shoes when utilized on surfaces that are very hard will wear out much faster and thus the chances of an injury will also increase. In order to take care of this challenge, the professional players will adorn in the ankle braces. These are known to cover the heel and the ankle. The ankle is prevented from rolling on the sides reducing on the amount of damage. Hurting an ankle while playing volleyball can be very painful and it can prevent one from playing the game for some time. There are other forms of volleyball equipment such as the shoes, shorts and knee pads. The knee pads offer protection against diving. Players who are very aggressive should most certainly wear a pair of knee caps. The players should wear equipment that is light and offer adequate breathing space. This will make the sport so much fun and safer. When making a purchase of the volleyball equipment, one can try the web. There are numerous dealers who will have different offers and probably discounts. The chances of landing on a good deal are very high especially when making comparisons. There are companies that specialize in manufacturing volleyball equipment. Carrying some research on the same would be helpful.

What do you have to wear for beach volleyball?

you have to wear shorts and a teashirt

If you don't own volleyball shoes what shoes should you wear?

Regular athletic shoes, like running shoes. I've worn converse but if you're trying out you really should have volleyball shoes to show that you know the sport.... Athletic shoes should be fine

You should NOT wear gloves around powered rotating equipment.?


What is a labarrow in volleyball?

A libero is a defensive specialist. They usually wear a different color from the rest of their team. They can not play in the front row and do not have to sub in and out.

Why does the libero wear a different color top?

The Libero in Volleyball is like a GoalKeeper in Soccer, The Libero is the most skilled defender in Volleyball. And in the rules of volleyball the Libero must wear a contrasting outfit to the team

What type of clothing should you wear when you play volleyball?

I agree, you probably should wear tight fitting clothes. So you would need to wear spandex and usually if your on a team, you will get a jersey you dont really need to worry about that. You definantly need kneepads and shoes. haha. If your like me and you tend to sprain your ankle you would probably need some active ankles. Hope i helped. =)