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they had gloves helmets and wooden sticks

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Q: What equipment was used to play original lacrosse?
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Where is the best place to find used lacrosse equipment for someone who is just starting to play? is the best place to find used sports equipment for cheap. You can buy some equipment for very cheap just incase you decide you do not want to play anymore.

How has the equipment changed for lacrosse?

Lacrosse shafts used to be made out of wood, but are now made out of many materials

When was the first guys lacrosse game?

Native Americans used to play lacrosse before battle.

Why did first nations people play lacrosse?

they played lacrosse to show victory against their enemies . that's also why they used their enemies heads to play .

Why did the Iroquois play Lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse was first used as a war game to settle disputes between tribes

What brand spark plug 4.0 jeep?

Chrysler has used both Champion and NGK as original equipment.Chrysler has used both Champion and NGK as original equipment.

First sport in the US?

It is believed that the Native Americans used to play LACROSSE.

Did the Iroquois use a rock to play lacrosse?

NO used dead peoples heads

What sports did the Iroquois used to play?

Iroquois played lacrosse.

Is used electric equipment safe?

Used electric equipment can depend on the equipment but it is best to not chance it. Unless you are a professional and know what to look for it is better to play it safe and avoid used equipment.

What are the equipment used to play dama?

Wooden Board

In Which sport do you play with a stuttlecock?

in lacrosse 2nd answer: I don't know about lacrosse, but a shuttlecock is used in the game of badminton, which is like a very lightweight version of tennis.

Is a ball used in lacrosse?

yes in lacrosse there is a ball used

What olympic games did they play in the past they do not play now?

they used to play lacrosse a sport that is were you trough a ball to a player and you have to catch it with a special polo stick

What is a piece of sporting equipment starting with the letter l?

A lure and a line are used in fishing. Long jump board and lacrosse stick are sports equipment.

How was lacrosse used?

Lacrosse was used for training for war with the Native Americans.

What were the first sports?

Lacrosse one of the first sports. The Native Americans used to play with a human head instead of a lacrosse ball. The winners of the game were honored by being killed as a sacrifice.

What refrigerant is used in a 1991 Toyota Cressida ac?

R12 is original equipment

Where can you go to get used sport equipment?

Play It Again Sports is an online business that sells used sports equipment. They can be accessed at

What is the Equipment and Facilities used in volleyball?

There are many types of equipment that is used in volleyball. This includes the volleyball and the net that separates the two teams that play.

Where can one sell used sports equipment?

Play it again sports! You can buy used (so you don't spend as much) and sell used equipment there.

Who created lacross?

Centries ago in the Native American tribes. It was played for many reasons such as preparing for war or healing the sick. At the time when lacrosse was used to prepare for war, players used fields that were miles long and either had a single target to hit or two posts that the ball had to pass through. The balls at that time were made of wood, clay, or deerskin. Lacrosse was discovered by the Jesuits in the 1630s. During this time many tribes would come together and play in huge tournaments throughout Canada. Not until the 1800s did the French really pick up on the game, later giving lacrosse its name. The first women's lacrosse game was played in 1890 in Scotland. About thirty years later it finally came over to the America's and became popular in colleges around Maryland. Throughout the years women's lacrosse has stayed true to the original set rules while men's lacrosse made some drastic changes. Women's lacrosse still prohibits body contact and limits stick contact unlike men's which require full equipment to protect their bodies. All rights Reserved to

What are original equipment manufacturer paints used for?

These coatings were used in such durable goods markets as automobiles, aircraft, appliances, furniture, metal containers, sheet and coil metals, and industrial equipment.

Why did they create lacrosse?

The American-Indians used lacrosse as a preparation for battle

How do you compare and contract Native American lacrosse to the lacrosse you know today?

They used to kill each other in Lacrosse back then