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The sport of Fencing requires quite a lot of equipment, actually. If you are simply a beginner fencer, you shouldn't need more than what fencers call "dry" equipment, meaning, a jacket, mask, glove, and weapon. None of these need be conductive, as you should not be fencing while hooked up to a scoring machine just yet. Should you consider competitive fencing, you will need more. If you are fencing epee, all you will need is a cord and an epee that can be hooked up to this cord. If you are fencing foil, you will need a foil vest and a cord, both of which must be conductive. Your foil must also be able to connect with your cord. If you are fencing sabre, you will need the most equipment. Your mask must be conductive. You must have a conductive lame, a conductive cuff, (it goes around your wrist) a blade that can connect to the body cord that you will need, and a mask cord that will connect your mask to your sabre. It is also highly recommended that, if you are fencing competitively, you will need at least two weapons, especially in epee, where they can break quite easily. Another suggested tip is that you learn how to fix your own equipment when it breaks. (believe me, it will)

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2008-11-16 22:48:58
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Q: What equipment does the sport fencing reqiure?
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No, fencing is not an adventure sport.

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Fencing is not an Winter Olympic sport. A sport can only be classified as Winter Olympics if it involves snow or ice of some sport. Fencing has neither. Fencing is a Summer Olympic Sport.

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The official rules of sport fencing encompass everything from the length of games, also known as bouts, to the type of fencing equipment that each player uses. Even though rules can vary, depending on the type of sport fencing, most modern forms share a few common characteristics. In a fencing competition, individual members of fencing teams compete one on one with players from opposing teams. When a player touches an opponent with a fencing sword, that player earns a point. The team that receives the greatest number of cumulative points wins the competition.

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