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Volleyball Court

For clothes:

Knee Pads

Sometimes special volleyball shorts

If you are on a team, volleyball jerseys

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Q: What equimpment is used to play volleyball 2 or 3 things?
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What things are used in volleyball?

A net, and a volleyball

What is the popularity of volleyball?

Volleyball used to be a very non-popular sport but in the last year or two things have really kicked off. More and more people are starting to play volleyball and realize they are good.

What is the Equipment and Facilities used in volleyball?

There are many types of equipment that is used in volleyball. This includes the volleyball and the net that separates the two teams that play.

What equipment pieces are used to play volleyball?

a net, a volleyball, optional knee pads

What materials are used in volleyball?

A net, a volleyball, sneakers, knee pads, and teammates to play the game with.

What is the equipment for beach volleyball?

You need a volleyball... and a net! I guess you can get something to show the out lines too

What sport does Lea Michele like to play?

Lea used to play volleyball back in high school

Is there any home equimpment I can use to train for a race?

Tread mills , running machine can be used at home to train for a race.

What sport does Blackfoot tribe play?

they played volleyball with a rock and used to throw spears.

What are the hand signals in officiating a volleyball game?

There are many signals that are too many to list out. I used to watch my sister play volleyball and it took me a very long time to learn what I thought was all of them. I think I still have more to learn( and I play volleyball now)!

What is a mintonette in volleyball?

Mintonette is what Volleyball used to be called.

How is a lever used in volleyball?

to adjust a volleyball net

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