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Hancock north central elementary school

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Oak Grove High School In Hattiesburg, MS

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Q: What elementary school did Brett Favre go to?
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What nicknames does Brett Favre go by?

Brett Favre goes by Country.

Where did Brett Favre go for grade school?

Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, and raised in Kiln, Mississippi (pronounced "kill"), southeast of Picayune and northwest of Bay St. Louis in Hancock County, which is the southeastern corner of the state on the border with Louisiana.

Will Brett Favre go to hall of fame?


When did Brett Favre go to collage?

southern Mississippi

Where did Brett Favre go to colllege?

Southern MississippiSouthern Mississippi

How can you get Brett Favre in Madden09?

go online and it updates the roster for you...

What is the number of Brett favre?

253 consecutive starts 253 consecutive starts Brett Favre has 306 consecutive starts in a row heading into the Panthers game. GO VIKINGS.....EMAIL ME AT

Brett Favre cheat codeo for maddenon xbox360?

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Did Brett Favre go to Colgate University?

No. He attended Southern Mississippi

Will Brett Favre go to the Hall of Fame?

he will go to the HOF because his game streak

What collage did Bret farve go to'?

Brett Favre went to Southern Mississippi College.

Who is older Brett Farve or Troy Aikman?

Troy Aikmen. Brett Favre is 40 while Troy is 43. GO VIKINGS!!!