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you have to be quite all the time

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Q: What effects can intrinsic and extrinsic on a sport performance?
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How does Extrinsic motivation affect sport performance?

it helps the performance of the athlete because he believes there is a award for good work.

What effects do stimulants have on performance in sport?

they stimulate you

Effects of stress on sport performance?

you fail :)

What is extrinsic in sport?

Extrinsic is the satisfaction of winning, prize money, rankings and sponsorship in sport.

What would be an example of Intrinsic feedback in sport?

Intrinsic feedback in sport would be you personality criticizing your performance giving mental feedback in what you can improve on in situations. this is used by every sports person in every sport because every sports person will need to develop and build there performance personally without the help of a coach!!

Can you Describe the effects of psychological factors on sports training and performance?

btec sport

What is intrinsic in sport?

intrinsic means where you participate in a sport for your own personal goal or internal reasons

What are the effects of drugs on the human body and sport performance?

Some enhance performance, and some detract. Your question needs to be more specific.

What are the effects of personality on a sport performance?

It's actually proven that if you have a negative feeling about how you think you'l do or have a negative emotion then your performance will be worse than if you had a good feeling.

How does sasonal changes affect sport performance?

"seasonal". And it doesnt effect sport performance.

What makes a national sport?

It should be an intrinsic part of the nation's culture

What are the short term effects of concentration on sports performance?

The short term effects of concentration are success over a short period of time in a specific sport. ye? safe

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