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To be one of the best, all you can get. A Machanical Engineering Degree is what some Crew Chiefs have, as the Sport becomes more competitive, so does the demand for smarter (more educated) Crew Chiefs.

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Q: What education does a Pit Crew Chief need?
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What qualifications do you need for F1 pit crew?

The qualifications needed to be an F1 pit crew include a degree in mechanical engineering. One must also be certified in autosport.

What education do you need to breed pit bulls?

People who breed pit bulls HAVE NO education, it's cruel and sickening

Which teams pit crew does Nascar's Jimmy Elledge work on?

Jimmy Elledge is a crew chief in the Nascar Nationwide Series for Turner Motorsports. His driver is Justin Allgaier.

What college major do you need to be a pit crew member?

try going to UTI

What is a pit crew?

A pit crew is the crew that fixes a race-car if it gets in a wreck or fills up with fuel

How many jobs are created in NASCAR?

There are tons of jobs in Nascar besides being the driver. There's the pit crew members, crew chief, spotters, officials, announcers, analysts and reporters.

What is a pit crew in auto racing?

A pit crew is a group of people there to fix a racers car when something goes wrong. They also fill the car up with gas, change tires and make adjustments during the race.

What does it cost to race one Nascar race pit crew crew chief tires etc.?

It costs approximate $200,000 (minimum) to race a NASCAR Sprint Cup car in ONE RACE.

Is a pit crew required?

Yes, in Nascar a pit crew is required. Their main job is changing tires and keeping the tank filled with gas.

When was the first pit crew formed?

in 1924

How many pit crew members allowed over wall in NASCAR race?

The answer is 7 pit crew members total are allowed over the wall.

Does James Helton work on Jeff Gordon's NASCAR pit crew?

There was nobody named James Helton on Jeff Gordon's 2010 pit crew.