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It means a great deal to the English, as they have won only once in 1966.

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Q: What does winning the world cup mean to England?
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Names of the winning team in 1966 world cup?


What England World Cup winner's father was a member of the 1966 England soccer world cup winning team?

Ben Cohen

Who was the winning team of2003 circket world cup?

england my frnd

What was Ben Cohen famous for?

playing rugby for England and winning the 2003 rugby world cup for England

What is the closest England have come to winning the football world cup without actually winning it?

The last 16 is when they usually fail

How would England celebrate winning the world cup?

With street party's up and down the Country

Who was the youngest member of the England world cup winning team in 1966?

It was the late Duncan Edwards.

Who scored the winning goal for Romania when they beat England in the 1998 World Cup?

it was andrew hawke

Who score winning goal for England against Argentina in 2002 world cup?

David beckham

Who kicked the winning drop goal for England in the 2003 Rugby world Cup final?

Johnny Wilkinson

Bryan Douglas blackburn rovers legend who was his testimonial against?

England world cup winning team

Who coached England in the 2003 World Cup?

there wasn't a world cup in 2003 - if you mean the 2002 world cup then Sven Goran Eriksson managed England at the time.