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It is a kind of service seldomly used in volleyball. It is similar to side serve but the difference is the ball contact is over the head.

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Q: What does wallop in volley ball term mean?
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What does the term rally mean in volleyball?

It means to volley the ball.

What games involve serve and volley?

Serve and volley is a term used in tennis. Serve and volley play is a style of play in which the player serves the ball, then moves quickly towards the net.

What is the collective noun of volley?

The noun "volley" is used as a collective noun for a volley of shots; a term used for gunfire or for tennis.

What is a volley of shots called?

The term IS volley- might also be called a fusillade.

Is a volley of collective noun?

The noun "volley" is a standard collective noun for a volley of shots; a term used for gunfire or for tennis.

Did a football player ever score without ball touching the ground?

Many players have done this feat, and the technical term is called a "volley". Some of the most famous volley's are widely regarded as the greatest goals of all time. A recent one to note is Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scoring a bicycle kick off of a volley.

What are five common tennis terms such as the ace?

Some common tennis terms are as follows:Deuce (a score of 40-40 in a single game)Smash/Slam (an overhead hit using the user's full power to hit the ball fast)Volley (when the player hits the ball before it hits the ground; it is a common misconception that it can only be done at the net, as there is a term called the 'baseline volley' where the player hits the ball before it hits the ground at the baseline, rather than at the net)Half-Volley (a hit right next to the ground where the ball just bounced off of the ground and barely got off of the ground)Winner (the most common term used on the court; it is a shot where the player hit the ball but the opponent could not get their racquet on the ball)

How did the word volleyball become the name of volleyball?

Volleyball got that name because the term volley is the action of hitting or moving the ball over the net without letting it touch the ground it is the same way in tennis if you smack the ball back over without it touching the ground it is a volley so since in volleyball it is illegal for the ball to touch to ground it is a game of multiple volleys called VOLLEYBALL!

What does the soccer term finishing mean?

The soccer term "finishing" means to finish the ball or to score.

What is meant by ball on in snooker?

Technically, a ball is 'on' if it can be legally struck by the cue ball. However, the term is most often used to mean that a ball can be potted. For example, if the term was used in commentary e.g 'There are no reds on', this is unlikely to mean the player is snookered (as it technically should), rather that no reds are in potable positions.

What does the term kill mean in volleyball?

In volleyball to "kill" the ball means to spike it.

What does the term K mean in softball?

it mean kick the ball u ashole ur tht stupid

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