What does walk off mean?

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A walk off is when the player gets a hit that ends the game, and " walks off " the field.

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Q: What does walk off mean?
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What does the baseball term Lead off walk mean?

A 'lead off walk' is when the first batter (lead off) of an inning gets on base from a base on balls (walk).

What does walk it out mean?

to let it go,not hold a grudge-also "shake it off"

Get rid of charley horse in foot?

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When was Walk off the Earth created?

Walk off the Earth was created in 2006.

What does the term walk off mean in baseball?

A walk off is when the home team scores the winning run in the bottom of the final inning, and the hitter and any baserunners get to walk off the field with the victory. Most games end when a team that holds the lead records the final out. Somehow when the defense walks off the field as the winners, it is not considered walking off.

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walk sassy and be mean not to mean and be sarcastic

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What does strutting mean?

To walk in a vain way, as if you wanted to impress someone, a pompous bearing, showing off

What does the slang phrase let him walk mean?

Move away from "Let him walk" would mean "Let him leave if he wants to." The implication is that he is not the right fit for you, he is not a good friend or lover, and you are better off without him.

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When did Cummeragunja walk-off happen?

Cummeragunja walk-off happened on 1939-02-04.

What is a walk off single?

a walk off single is when a runner gets a single in a tie ball game to end the game right then. walk off means the team walks off the field because of...

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