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Don't fall off Ronnie

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Q: What does the trainer say to the jockey before the last race in secretariat the movie?
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What does the trainer say to the horse in french in the movie secretariat just before the last race?

He tells Ronnie to use good judgment in the race.

Is secretariat the movie out?

Yes secretariat the movie is out.

What songs were in the movie Secretariat?

Below is a link to the Secretariat soundtrack.

Was george Carlin in the movie secretariat?

No, he died in 2008, two years before the film was made.

Can the heart of a race horse burst if pushed to hard?

Yes, the heart of a horse CAN burst if it is pushed too hard. If you have seen the movie Secretariat, the horse Secretariat's jockey, Ronnie, pushes too hard in a race and its heart bursts. This is a true story of a race horse.

How long is the movie Secretariat?

Secretariat is 123 minutes long, which is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

Did big brown play secretariat in the movie?

No Big Brown is a bay and Secretariat was a red chestnut.

Is the movie secretariat worth seeing?

Yes, once. The movie was full of inaccuracies, like omitting Secretariat's stablemate, Riva Ridge, who the year before won the Derby and Belmont, therefore it was he, not Secretariat, that saved Meadow Stable. Also, it shows Lucien being at the birth of Secretariat, he wasn't. Neither was Penny or her son. Overall, however, it was fair, but still a lukewarm tribute to the greatest thoroughbred that ever raced.

Where does the movie secretariat take place?

In the 1970's.

When does the movie secretariat come out on DVD?

February 1st.

What are the names of the horses that played in the movie Secretariat?

No i can not answer this i am asking you to answer this

Who plays Secretariat in the movie?

Secretariat was actually played by 5 different horses. 4 thoroughbred and a quarter horse

Is there such movie as secretariet?

I've watched the movie Secretariat, so basically, yes.

What horse portrayed Secretariat in movie Secretariat?

Five horses played Secretariat - four Thoroughbreds, including Trolley Boy, and one Quarter Horse named Copper Locks.

What movie is being filmed in louisville right now?


Does secretariat die at the end of the movie?

no very happy ending

Where was secretariat filmed?

The majority of the movie was filmed in Lafayette, LA

What song is at the end of the movie Secretariat?

AJ Michalka - It's Who You Are

Did Angie Dickenson have a bit part in the movie secretariat?

yes she did

What is the name of the horse in the movie secrateriat?

Secretariat is the horse's name.

In what movie did Toby Macguire play a jockey?


In what movie did Tobey McGuire play a jockey?


How many people like the movie secretariat?

There exactly 34,784,603 and counting who like the movie.

What kind of horse was Secretariat in the movie?

five horses to play Secretariat-four thoroughbreds and a quarterhorse.

What was the name of the horse in the movie with beau bridges and tobey maguire?