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You hit the net while making a play on the volleyball.

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Q: What does the term net foul mean in volleyball?
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What is a net foul in volleyball?

A net foul is when a player from a team hits the net with their hand or arm when blocking the ball or spiking the ball.

Is it a foul in volleyball if the net touches you because a spiked ball pushed the net into you?


What the foul rule in volleyball?

putting ur hand over the net

What does the term offense mean in volleyball?

When the ball is on your side of the net you are attempting to set up an attack on the opposite team. This is the offense.

What is the definition of the volleyball term set assist?

The Term "Assist" in volleyball is when someone hits the ball into the net on your side of the court and a different team mate hits the ball after it falls out of the net. Generally the hit is directed to the opposite side of the net.

What does kill mean in volleyball?

A kill is the technical term for a spike/hit that is not dug or passed by the opposing team, meaning it is not returned over the net.

What Does in the net mean in volleyball?

you have to hit the ball over the net and you cant grab or reach over or through the net

A foul in volleyball such as a lift?

Okay, there are about 3 fouls in volleyball: # A carry: when you preform a set, but your arms and palms are facing towards the ceiling. # When your body touches the net # When your foot crosses the serving line

How far is a volleyball net?


What is the height of a volleyball net in middle school?

the net height for volleyball is about what

What does graze mean in volleyball?

When you are serving, it means it slides over the net

What are the faults of the player at the net in volleyball?

no part of your body can touch the volleyball net

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