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Failure is the point at which a muscle is no longer able to perform the work demanded. If a muscle is capable of lifting 100 lbs, 10 times, it is said to fail at that weight after 10 reps.

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Q: What does the term failure mean in weight lifting and body building?
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Why weight lifting belt is necessary during body building?

the ninja black belt.

Should strength building be done slowly?

Yes, that is why it is called body building. Body building consists of series of weight lifting repetitions where weight is added over the course of time. In order to avoid injury, weight is added gradually at a calculated rate, not quickly.

Is weight lifting good for your body?


Does body building require weight lifting trainers?

Although weight training does not require a trainer, you should make sure you are well aware of how to properly and safely use all equipment, and that you are lifting safe amounts of weights if with out a trainer.

Does weight lifting increase body mass?

Weight training will force your body to adapt to the stress(weights) that you put on it. your bodu responds by building more muscle protein which will make you weigh more, don't let this discourage you from training however) remember BMI is nonsense.

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There are a number of popular weight lifting workout programs available. Currently, Body by Jake is popular for both men and women, and Gloria Kamil offers a basic weight lifting program that is suitable for beginners.

Is body building a height prevention?

it depends on what you are trying to do.. but heavy lifting can stunt your growth

Should you weight lift every day?

It depends on what you want to accomplish, or rather what your goal is. If your goal is body building or power lifting or weight lifting then the answer is YES If your goal is only fitness or weight loss then the answer is NO.

Who can lift 650 kg in weights?

By W.W.L.A (World Weight Lifting association) No body Builder can Lift 650Kg On any Weight Lifting Machines The only Way 650Kg can Be Lifted is by hydraulic Or Heavy Lifting machinery

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FLEX magazine is a magazine that mainly deals with articles and news on the subject of body building and weight lifting. FLEX also shares nutrition and dietary tips for its readers.

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To be honest the amount of weight is secondary to proper diet, a lot of people ask that question but in reality you need proper diet a good fuel source for the body in order for the muscle to grow. You can add some weight lifting and body building in your fat burning and weight control plan but you should do it to an extent where your body can bear it without any problem.A good source I found helpful was http://cal muscle building

Does lifting heavy weights help to gain body mass or gain weight?

Cause you get stronger and thatputs on weight