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They realte to the Ping custom fitting system, it determines which lie angle you should have on your clubs as well as shaft length.

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Q: What does the spot colour on ping golf cluBs mean?
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What do the color dots mean on ping golf clubs?

It's the Ping colour code system. The dot on the head shows lie angle.

What are the black dot and white dot on golf clubs?

You may be referring to the Ping colour code system which is used during custom fitting, on Ping golf clubs. The colour of the dot refers to the best fit combination of lie, loft and shaft length which will help you get the best from your clubs. Black is standard.

Who made Ping Zing golf clubs?

ping company

Are Ping golf clubs manufactured in China?

Actually no they are not they are manufactured in Phoenix Arizona by karsten manufacturing and i know cause i own ping golf clubs

What are blue and white dot on ping golf clubs?

This is the Ping colour code system which is used to custom fit clubs. The dot refers to the adjustment in lie angle, blue is 3/4 of a degree upright.

What is the Z2?

Z2 is the name of ping golf clubs knock-off ping called them "ping zing"

Where are ping golf clubs manufactured?

Ping Golf started in Redwood City California, but is based in Phoenix Arizona today.

Does Ping donate golf clubs to Veterans?

Yes, as does TaylorMade.

What is value of ping golf clubs?

Ping clubs hold their value quite well, but without knowing which set you have, or their condition it is impossible to tell.

When did Ping make Rhapsody golf clubs?

late November 2008 in a

What year were Ping G2 golf clubs manufactured?


What do the dots on ping clubs mean?

It is the ping colour code system. It helps custom fit clubs for people. For example black is standard lie and blue is 3/4 of a degree upright. Full details can be found on the ping website.

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