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They realte to the Ping custom fitting system, it determines which lie angle you should have on your clubs as well as shaft length.

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Q: What does the spot colour on ping golf cluBs mean?
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What do the color dots mean on ping golf clubs?

It's the Ping colour code system. The dot on the head shows lie angle.

Who made Ping Zing golf clubs?

ping company

What are the black dot and white dot on golf clubs?

You may be referring to the Ping colour code system which is used during custom fitting, on Ping golf clubs. The colour of the dot refers to the best fit combination of lie, loft and shaft length which will help you get the best from your clubs. Black is standard.

Are Ping golf clubs manufactured in China?

Actually no they are not they are manufactured in Phoenix Arizona by karsten manufacturing and i know cause i own ping golf clubs

What are blue and white dot on ping golf clubs?

This is the Ping colour code system which is used to custom fit clubs. The dot refers to the adjustment in lie angle, blue is 3/4 of a degree upright.

What is the Z2?

Z2 is the name of ping golf clubs knock-off ping called them "ping zing"

Where are ping golf clubs manufactured?

Ping Golf started in Redwood City California, but is based in Phoenix Arizona today.

Does Ping donate golf clubs to Veterans?

Yes, as does TaylorMade.

What is value of ping golf clubs?

Ping clubs hold their value quite well, but without knowing which set you have, or their condition it is impossible to tell.

When did Ping make Rhapsody golf clubs?

late November 2008 in a

What year were Ping G2 golf clubs manufactured?


Who previously made beryllium copper golf clubs for Natural Golf?

Ping made them at one time.

What do the dots on ping clubs mean?

It is the ping colour code system. It helps custom fit clubs for people. For example black is standard lie and blue is 3/4 of a degree upright. Full details can be found on the ping website.

How does china sell ping golf clubs so cheap?

Because its fake

Which was the first company to make a matched set of golf clubs in the US?


Are ping golf clubs good?

Yes, They Make Great Drivers And Irons.

Did john daly ever use ping golf clubs?

Yes, he won the 1991 pga championship with ping clubs, I am not sure if they were the isi's or the eye 2

How do you tell fake ping golf clubs?

To find a fake ping golf club check the serial numbers (if it has any) with ping themselves, or you can compare them to images of the ping website, Or post photos of the alleged fake item on GOLF WRX forums.

What clubs are in a full set of golf clubs?

Taylormade Titlest Nike Callaway Cobra Clevland Ping At GolfSmith

Where can someone purchase ping golf bags?

One can purchase ping gold bags online at goldsmith. One can also purchase other ping golf accessories like golf clubs, golf grips, gold apparel, gold towels from this site.

What types of equipment are sold by Ping?

PING is a leading manufacturer of golfing equipment. Therefore the main products that they sell relate to golf, for example, all types of golf clubs and golf bags.

Who use ping golf clubs on the PGA tour?

Did the original ping eye irons have square grooves or v grooves?

The original Ping Eye golf clubs had v grooves.

Where is Ping golf equipment corporate office Is there an office in AZ?

Karsten Manufacturing Corp., otherwise known as PING Golf, is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This primary manufacturing facility for the famous and popular PING golf clubs offer free factory tours. PING Golf Address:2201 West Desert CovePhoenix, AZ 85029 PING Golf Phone:1-800-474-6434

Which companies have golf clubs for sale?

Some companies that make golf clubs include Taylor Made, Callaway, and Ping. All of the companies make their golf clubs different as well as from different metals so you might have to test them before you decide to buy.