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PF = Power Forward.

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Q: What does the position PF stand for?
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What does PF stand for in the stats of basketball?

The PF stands for personal fouls. While the position, "PF" is in fact power forward, "PF" when found on the score card and the box score stands for how many personal fouls the player committed.

What do the letters PF stand for in football stats?

If in stats for points, PF would stand for Points For.If in stats for penalties, PF would stand for Personal Fouls.

What is pf stand for?

Points for?

What does PF stand for in PF Changs the restaurant stand for?

Paul Fleming the founder (along with Phillip Chang) of the restaurant.

What does pf stand for in the basketball box score?

PF stands for personal foul

In basketball what does PF stand for?

In a basketball stat line PF stands for Personal Fouls.

What is PF in chemical reaction engineering?

PF would likely stand for plug flow.

What does PF stand for in NFL stats?

Points for

What is does pf stand for in basketball?

Power Forward

What does the pf in hydromorphone pf stand for?

PF stands for "paraben-free" which is generally used as a preservative in many pharmaceutical preparations and cosmetics.

What does pf stand for in stocks?

i dont know, i am sorry.

What does PF stand for in a basketball stat line?

personal fouls

What does the PF stand for in football box score?

Professional Football?

What does pf stand for in the nba box score?

Personal fouls

Which was a position pf the original whig party?

Backing constitutional monarchy

What position does Lisa Leslie play?

Leslie plays PF/C.

What position is amar'e stoudmire playing?

he plays PF(power foward)

What does PF in NFL sports stand for?

PF in an NFL stat sheet means Points For. Youll also see PA which is Points Against!

What position is Larry bird?

He was mostly a SF, but played PF when Mchale was on the bench.

On your newer model 70 30-06 what does the PF stand for?

Push feed.

What position do women stand in to urinate?

They don't stand.

What positions did Larry bird play?

He played Small Foward SF (Primary Position) and Power Forward PF (Secondary position.

Stand at what position to address army officer?

Position of attention.

What does 14k PJ stamped inside a gold ring stand for?

14k gold pf is the maker

What does v stand for hockey position?

The 'V' position refers to the position of the individuals skates.