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it stand for the fact that any one can be an olympic winner they or we dont care what you look like it al depends on how you play the game!

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Q: What does the olympic logo stands for?
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Who designed the Olympic logo?

Wolff ollins designed the olympic logo. Wolff ollins designed the olympic logo.

What does logo stands for?

Logo stands for logic oriented graphic oriented.

Who owns olympic logo copyright?

Logos are not protected by copyright; the Olympic logo is a vehemently guarded trademark of the International Olympic Committee.

What logo has 9 bars?

Olympic logo

What is the meaning of the Olympic logo in English?

The intertwined circles of the Olympic logo represent the five continents of the world.

What does 2012 Olympic logo represent?

the 2012 olympic logo represents the Olympics in 2012 in London at wembly stadium.

Did Hitler invent the olympic logo?


What logo is a circle with five coloured segments?

olympic logo

Does the Olympic logo have a name?

It is simply called the Olympic Rings

Is there an Olympic logo for skiing?

No there is not

What is the abbreviation of the Olympic games?

SOly- Stands for 'Summer Olympic Games' WOly- Stands for 'Winter Olympic Games'

Can you use the Olympic rings logo?


What does the olympic gold medal look like?

A round medal with an Olympic logo on it.

What are the characteristics of the Olympic logo?

As one of the world's most recognized brands, the Olympic logo is a symbolic representation of the ambassadors of Olympism. The logo is only used in reference of the Olympics and will remain unchanged for many years to come.

What does the Jonas Brothers logo mean?

The JB logo stands for Jonas Brothers.

Why does the Canadiens logo have an H in it?

The logo stands for "Club de Hockey Canadien".

Why is the mcdonalds logo a good logo?

It can be a matter of opinion but it stands out and instantly recognisable!

What does the Olympic torch stand for at Beijing Olympic?

It stands for a scroll.

Can you use Olympic logo in paid ad?


How many colors are there in the olympic logo?


Who produced the Olympic logo?

Wolff Olins.

What car has the Olympic rings logo?


How many rings Olympics logo have?

The Olympic logo has 5 rings which represent each continent.

What does gold medal stands for in Olympic games?

it stands for winning

What stands for a cloud logo?