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A round medal with an Olympic logo on it.

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Q: What does the olympic gold medal look like?
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What does an olympic gold medal look like?

The Olympic gold medal is awarded for coming first in an Olympic event. It looks like a small golden circle.

What does the 2008 olympic gold medal look like?

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What does a gold medal look like?

An item giving to a winner in an international or continental sporting event. It is either the main prize or the individual award if a trophy is given.

Are the olympic silver metals all silver?

Pure silver. The reverse side of the medals (gold, silver, and bronze) include a engraved jade emblem (the first Olympics to include jade in their medals). For complete info, visit (an official website) the link below.

What does a Nobel prize look like?

A Nobel Prize consists of a diploma, a gold medal, and a monetary award. The diploma and medal are typically awarded in a grand ceremony in Sweden, and the monetary prize varies in amount depending on the category of the prize. The medal features the image of Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prizes, and each prize category has a unique design.

Who won the Winter Olympic Games Men's Ice Hockey Final in 2002?

Canada and the United States. Canada defeated the USA, 5-2, to win the gold medal. Joe Sakic and Jerome Iginla each scored twice for Canada in the gold medal game.

What does the Medal of Honor look like?

Honor is like that you are won and you are bright and the medal look like you are the won of your class and brightly ad ofcourse studying well...

Do they look at your childhood times in the Olympics?

NO, They do not. They look at your Olympic Trials time which it like a tryout for the Olympic team.

What does Brazil's Olympic flag look like?

hi Brazil olympic flag is .......

What does the Olympic park look like?


What do gold stones look like?

Gold stones look like regular stones with spotspots of gold

How do you get the gold medal on spy islandpoptropica?

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