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Q: What does the olyimpic torch stand for?
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What was the ancient greek olyimpic torch made from?

the original olyimpic torch was made from wiker and reeds

Who lites the olyimpic torch?


What is the height of the olympic torch?

the olyimpic touch was brought in by aciennt greese

What ceremonies are part of the Olympics?

the olyimpic torch because it come before the real olympics

What do the olyimpic rings stand for?

love hope and peace

What does the torch in the statue of liberty's right hand stand for?

Her torch signifies ENLIGHTENMENT

What does the torch stand for on the statue of liberty?

The torch stands for freedom and to follow what you want and to chase your dreams.

What does OXY torch stand for?

it doesn't stand for anything. its just short for oxygen

What does the olympic game torch stand for?

Nothing :)

What does the Olympic torch stand for or represent?


What does the olympic torch stand for or repesent?

it stands for bravery

How do you light the torch on ghost island in the light house in poptropica?

When you first enter the lighthouse there is a torch right at the bottom of the stairs you just stand right by it with your torch equipped and voila!

What does the Olympic torch stand for at Beijing Olympic?

It stands for a scroll.

What does Indiana's flag's torch stand for?

It stands for liberty and enlightment.

What does the Statue of Liberty's torch stand for?

The Torch the Statue of Liberty holds represents Freedom and Follow what you want to do and chase your dreams

What Christmas song does BTTJI stand for?

Bring the torch Jeanette Isabella

What does torch wood spell?

I don't under stand your question. Torch wood spells torch wood as far as I know. I guess it could be torchwood. Please explain your question a little bit more thoroughly.

What does the flaming torch on the Statue of Liberty stand for?

The torch is meant to symbolize enlightenment. Which is a fitting symbol since the official name of the Statue is Liberty Enlightening the World.

What does the torch in the Olympics stand for?

The games have begun.

Was it ever possible to stand in the statue of liberty torch?

Yes, but not since 1916.

Is footall an olyimpic sports?


Who supervises the olyimpic games?


Which place is in India in olyimpic?


What is the best olyimpic games sport?


How much does it cost to fly from Beijing China to Melbourne Australia in Australian dollars?

* how much does it cost to get olyimpic suits * how much does it cost to get olyimpic suits