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The 5 continents

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Q: What does the olyimpic symbol stands for?
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What does the symbol V stands for in electricity?

The symbol V stands for voltage.

What element does the symbol Ca stand for?

The symbol Ca stands for the element Calcium.The symbol Ca stands for the element Calcium.

What does the symbol Pb stands for?

The chemical symbol Pb stands for "lead", Plum bum.

A symbol that stands for one or more numbers?

a letter or symbol that stands for one or more numbers is a

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Be stands for Beryllium.

Symbol b on periodic table stands for what?

The symbol "b" does not stand for anything, but "B" stands for boron.

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CHO. C stands for carbon, H stands for hydrogen, and O stands for oxygen

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The element symbol, As stands for arsenic

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The symbol is Al ... which stands for aluminum.

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The spring symbol stands for Spring.

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The line stands for "on" and the circle stands for "off".

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the symbol is anything that tells a person you are sorry

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No, the symbol "H" stands for Hydrogen on the periodic table. The symbol "He" stands for Helium on the periodic table.

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this is the main symbol for hindusin, AUM A stands for Creation U stands for Preservation M stands for Destruction or dissolution

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Hg is a symbol which stands for mercury.And Au is a symbol which stands for gold.Both are elements.All elements have been given specific symbols to represent them.

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Sc is the symbol for SCANDIUM ... the 21st element.

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The symbol Pb stands for?


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