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So you can easily identify each ref. They also have a letter on the back of their shirt to indicate their position.

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Q: What does the number on a referee's shirt indicate?
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What do referees use flags to indicate in an American football game?

In American football referees use flags to indicate various penalties.

What is the number on a test cricketers shirt indicate?

What number player they are to represent Australia.

What do referees wear in football?

Referees in football wear a referee uniform. Usually this consists of black pants with a black and white stripped shirt.

What is the number of international football referees in Africa?

Referees do not wear any numbered jerseys.

Why do only some players in the 2010 World Cup have black stripes on their shirt?

Those are referees.

What color is a soccer referees uniform?

normally it would be black but sometimes depending on the players kit it could be either yellow shirt or green shirt

What are the colors of a referees shirt in most American sports?

In American sports, the referees usually wear black and white striped shirts. In the NBA, the officials wear grey shirts.

What do referees use to indicate a player violation in a game in the world cup?

He blows the whistle , and stops the game.

What number do football referees wear on their shirts?


How do you button the two buttons on the bottom of your shirt?

I have no idea but the buttons indicate that the shirt needs to be tucked into your trousers

What language do referees use world cup soccer?

The standard is English, but the referees will be able to speak a number of languages to better communicate with the players.

What is the number of referees in a football match?

4 feferees. The main referee, two line referees, and the 4th referee who controls the board for substitutions.

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