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I believe it is the number worn by the quarterback.

.......... Coincidentally, Greg McElroy wore 12 2007-2010

Ironically, they [ALA ]also own 12 National Championships; 2009's make it 13 total National Championships. So maybe the helmet will change to 13. If not, then it is likely due to it being Joe Namath's number- QB from the 60's still famous today.

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Q: What does the number 12 mean on the university of Alabama football helment?
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Why does university of Alabama have number 13 on their helmet?

As a whole, the University uses the number of National Championships the school has earned, as the team helment number. Each player's jersey number is on their own individual helment.

Who has worn number twelve at the University of Alabama football?

Joe Namath

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What famous players have worn number 12 in university of Alabama football?

Joe Namath

Who ware number 42 in Alabama football?

2011/2012 University of Alabama's #1 Running Back Eddie Lacy

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Dre Kirkpatric a defensive back

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Forrest's jersey number while a member of the University of Alabama football team was 44.

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Tana Patrick, a linebacker, and DeAndrew White, a wide receiver, both wear the number 2 jersey for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

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What famous player wore number 32 in University of Alabama Football?

Alabama FootballCurtis AlexanderBruce Bolton '79 scored winning touchdown to beat Penn Sate for Nat'l Championship

What was Forrest's number on the college football team?

Forest Gump played for the University of Alabama, under legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, and he wore the number 44.

Who wore number 12 for Alabama football?

Joe Namath

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For the major sports, Alabama for football, UCLA for basketball, and LSU and South Carolina for baseball

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The mailing address is just: The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487 The telephone number is: (205) 348-6010 Their website is

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University of Alabama quarterbacks that wore number 14?


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Carter Duron

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Corey Grant

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Julio Jones