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The number 10 is worn by the striker and usually the best player.

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Q: What does the number 10 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?
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Who is the soccer player which has number 35?

There are lots of soccer players with the number 35. Be more specific.

What number of people play in each position in soccer?

there are 11 positions in soccer. the maximum number of players on a team is 18.

Which soccer players wear number 26?

John Terry is one soccer player that wears the number 26 on his jersey. John Terry is an English soccer player.

What does the number 12 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?

a midfielder

In soccer what is an offensive position?

All players on the soccer field can be an offensive player but mostly offensive is played by the midfielders and strikers, or attackers.

What famous baseball player wears number 45?

there could be baseball players that are number 45 and soccer players that are number 45 and football players that are number 45.

What is a related careers for a soccer player?

some soccer players are called professional soccer players

What does the number 6 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?

A player with the number 6 is usually a defensive midfilder. However, the number can be worn by any player.

Which Italian soccer player wears shirt number 8?

There have been a number of Italian soccer players that have worn the shirt number 8 both professionally and non professionally. There have been 6 soccer professional players with the number 8 on their shirt in the last year alone.

Number of players in a soccer team?

11 Players

Which position's player in soccer generally wear number 7 jersey?

Center Middlefilder

What position does a professional soccer player play if he is wearing the number 6 jersey?


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