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LOL, miswritten. Fiery, blazing, flaming.

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Q: What does the nickname 'Vatreni' of the Croatian football team mean?
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What does N K slavonic mean?

NK Slavonac is a Croatian football club based in a village Stari Perkovci in Slavonia.

What does croat mean?

It is a croatian person

What does bok mean in croatian?


What does LOZINKA mean in croatian?

It means Password.

What is the nickname of Liverpool?

Liverpool doesn't have a nickname. If you mean Liverpool Football Club, their nickname is 'The Reds'. If you mean people from Liverpool, they are nicknamed 'Scoucers'.

What is croasian?

A Croasian is a person whose parents are Asian and Croatian, so it's actually the same thing as an Eurasian =) also croasian can be a common mistake in spelling, the correct spelling would be Croatian if you mean a person of Croatian ethnicity, or Croatian language =)

Does Pasek mean small dog in croatian language?

That would be a small dog in a Kajkavian dialect. "Psić" is a small dog in standard Croatian.

What does 'rakun' mean?

Rakun means raccoon in Albanian, Croatian and Serbian.

What does ' ja ljubav te' mean?

It means "I love you" in Serbo-Croatian.

What does the Croatian word cestitke mean?

The Croatian word cestitke means congratulations in English. You can use websites such as Google Translate to interpret the meaning of word in different languages.

What does klipovi mean?

The word "Klipovi" is a Croatian word which means "video". You will often find the word used on sites such as YouTube or any other Croatian video website.

What does Mrzim svoj zivot mean?

I hate my life - in croatian, serbian or bosnian.