What does the name Josue represents?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The Best Basketball Player In The World!

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Q: What does the name Josue represents?
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What is the spanish name for josh?


What does Josue mean in spanish?

Josue is a Spanish name. It means 'Joshua.' Josue is the espanolized form of the Hebrew name ייְהוֹשֻׁעַ which sounds like 'yeh hoé shu ah.' It means "Yah is salvation." 'Yah' is the Hebrews' God's personal name.

What does the name josue mean?

it is the soanish form of Joshua which means "Jehova saves"

When did Josue Dupon die?

Josue Dupon was born in 1864.

When was Josue Soto born?

Josue Soto was born in 1990.

Is josue in The Bible?

Yes, Josue is the Spanish translation of Joshua, which is in the Bible.

What is the birth name of Milo Adorno?

Milo Adorno's birth name is Yamil Josue Adorno Toro.

When was Steve Josue born?

Steve Josue was born on 1980-04-05.

When was Josue Quijano born?

Josue Quijano was born on 1991-03-10.

What has the author Josue GUIMARAES written?

Josue GUIMARAES has written: 'E tarde para saber'

What has the author Josue Quesada written?

Josue Quesada has written: 'El pecado de todas'

When was Josue Dos Santos born?

Josue Dos Santos was born on 1979-04-11.