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Collects wind, it is a triangular sail placed at the front of the sailboat.

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Q: What does the jib do on a sailboat?
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What on a sailboat are jib sheets?

The jib's sheet controls the angle of the jib (sail) to the wind. It is attached to the lower end of the jib that is farthest aft.

What are hanks on a sailboat?

A ring on a stay attached to the head of a jib or staysail. A device used to attach a jib sail to its rigging.

What type of sailboat has 1 mast and a jib?

I believe the term you're looking for is "sloop."

What does a boat's J mean?

the J dimension of a sailboat is the length from the forestay attachment on the deck to the mast.for sizing a headsail (jib/genoa) a 100% jib would have an LP (or approximately foot) of J, a #1 jib would have a 155% the length of J.

What is a small one-masted vessel with mainsail and jib?

a dinghy would be a small (6 to 16 foot) sailboat, these can have almost any sail rig. the type of rig you described is called a sloop. a sloop is a sailboat with a triangular mainsail and a jib (this sail configuration is called a marconi rig, or bermudian rig), and are very common. so a small, one masted vessel with a mainsail and jib would just be called a sloop, or dinghy.

What is a Number 3 jib?

The number three jib is the smallest of three headsails on a sailboat and it is sometimes called a storm jib, because it is the one most likely used during storm conditions. If a boat has more than three headsails, the number three sail would be smaller than number two, but may not be the smallest headsail on the boat. For example if a boat has four jibs, say a 170, a 150, a 110 and a storm jib, then the 110 would be considered the number 3 jib and the storm jib would be number 4.

Is it okay to get a jib furling sail that is one foot shorter on the luff and on the foot than the size recommended for a Rhodes 22 sailboat?

Yes you can use a jib that is short on the luff and the foot. You won't catch as much wind so you will sacrifice some speed but it will work.

What nicknames does James Jib Brown go by?

James Jib Brown goes by Jib, and Papa.

What is a triangular sail set furthest forward on a vessel?

Depending on how it is rigged it could be the jib, Flying jib or spinnaker.The most forward sail is normally called a jib.On vessels with more than one jib, the names of the jibs (from forward to aft) are: Flying jib, Outer jib, Inner jib and Fore (topmast) staysail.

What is metaphor for sailboat?

Sailboat is your head Sailboat is your headSailboat is your head

What is a ships jib sail?

The jib sail is the triangular staysail in front of the foremast. Sometimes a spinnaker replaces the jib. They are both generally referred to as "headsails".

What is Jib Crane?

Jib Crane is usually a crane used to lift midium weight materials with a hoist & its called Jib Crane because in Jib Cranes the structure on which the hoist is mounted is right angular shaped thing.

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