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They looked like the ones of today. Just a regular football.

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Q: What does the first football look like?
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What does a football player look like?

Football players can look from a variety of appearances, footballers look just like normal people.

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fOr the grip.

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November27,1906 look up the history of football safety.But the Football pads back in the 1800 and 1900 didn't look like ours just look it up

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what did the first telegraph look like?

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What does a football players contract look like?

Looks good

What did the first football look like?

the first football looked quite like the footballs of today. although the first ball was made of a different material that is heavier than todays footballs it was nearly the same The footballs now are much better in being able to curl as seen in free-kicks

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what did the hair dryer look like first

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i like football

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Because she does the end of answer 😌

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Dolphins first look like human baby's with fins

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The snow was first to look like Mr. Avery

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It's like an average football stadium but with BRONCOS written on it.

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does it look like i know??? <('_')>

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It should look like a little tower. Look up Tennessee oilers the old football team. It should look like that.

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i dont know. does he even like football? you cant answer a question like so and so likes what football team if so and so doesnt like football. find out if he likes football first.

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look like a football player

What does the ownership card look like?

black circle size of football field

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Football went back a long time ago and they use to just keep goin forever on a big open feild bit that was before thet had any leagues

What does cellulitis look like?

What does Cellulitis in the foot look like when it first starts

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It looks like a football field - minus 1 end zone.