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National Hockey League

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Q: What does the NHL stand for?
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What does NHL stand for?

National Hockey League (NHL)

What does the H stand for in NHL?

NHL stands for "National Hockey League"

What does the a on the jersey in the NHL stand for?


What does Bks stand for in NHL?

Blocked Shots

What dose NHL stand for?

The national hockey league.

What does ROW stand for in the NHL?

It is Regulation Only Wins

What are the values of NHL Captains?

Good English AND can stand up for themselves and the team.

What does the C stand for on an NHL hockey jersey?

It means Captain and the A stands for Alternative Captain.

In the NHL what do the three number in a team's record stand for?

wins-losses-overtime losses

What the B and R in ASB and ASR stand for on nhl-dot-com?

Blue and Red.

What do the letters NHL stand for on the New England Patriots uniforms?

National Hockey League

What is the acronym of NHL stand for?

NHL stands for the National Hockey League. This league includes countries such as Canada and the united states. sometimes players from Sweden and other European countries come and get drafted into the NHL. The players make lots of money from playing in this league.

How many NHL video games are there?

There are 21 NHL Games for now 1. NHL 93 (1992) 9. NHL 2001 (2000) 17. NHL 09 (2008) 2. NHL 94 (1993) 10. NHL 2002 (2001) 18. NHL 10 (2009) 3. NHL 95 (1994) 11. NHL 2003 (2002) 19. NHL 11 (2010) 4. NHL 96 (1995) 12. NHL 2004 (2003) 20. NHL 12 (2011) 5. NHL 97 (1996) 13. NHL 05 (2004) 21. NHL 13 (2012) 6. NHL 98 (1997) 14. NHL 06 (2005) 7. NHL 99 (1998) 15. NHL 07 (2006) 8. NHL 2000 (1999) 16. NHL 08 (2007)

Why were NHL Fights Regulated?

NHL fights are certainly a reason to view the game for some individuals. Fighting is part of the game like peanut goes with jelly in a sandwich. Speculators like to stand and shout when there is a fight ensuing. Sometimes the fights were radical and violent and a rule had to be made to regulate the extreme "battles".

Is NHL 09 better than NHL 08?

NHL 09 is better then NHL 08


NHL duh who likes the KHL?

What do the initials ESPN NHL stand for exactly?

Well, ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network and NFL stands for National Hockey League. They are the offical terms for professional games.

What game is better NHL 2k 11 or NHL Slapshot?

NHL 2k11

Is Joe Sakic featured in NHL 10 NHL 11 or NHL 12?

No, He Is Not :(

What is the job of an NHL scout?

the job of an nhl scout is to find possible men who are able to play nhl. Nhl scouts are very important because in order to be picked for nhl you must be seen by a scout. Scouts have to have a good eye for future nhl stars

Who make the rules in the NHL?


What are the NHL Rules and Regulations?

Check out the official NHL rulebook for NHL rules. You can get there by using the link below.

NHL 2k11 or NHL 11?

definitely nhl 11 the 2k nhl games have all pretty much sucked whereas easports nhl games have won many sport game of the year awards i also heard that there wouldn't be another 2k hockey game but if there is still definitely nhl 11

Is there going to be an NHL 09 for the Wii?

Probably not. I'll explain to you why, because there was no NHL 07 for Gamecube, there was no NHL 08 for the wii so there probably won't be a NHL 09 for the wii.

Is there a NHL 09 for wii?

it's called NHL 2K9 No, nhl 09 has Dion phaneuf on the cover, they only have nhl 2k9 which has rick Nash on the cover.